Gay Cusco: Rainbow City

Cusco, also spelled Cuzco, is a fast-growing city of nearly 350,000 in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley) of the Andes mountain range at the altitude if 3,300 m (10,800 ft).

In recent years Cusco (also written Cuzco) has become a popular destination, including among gay men and women. Not only because of the ancient ruins that are not far from the city (Machu-Pichu, Sacsayhuaman, etc.) but also for the international flare that this ancient city boasts. Cusco was the Inca capital until the Spanish Conquistadores founded Lima as the Capital of the Viceroyalty of Peru.

You will find many gay visitors in Cusco, but there is a small quantity of locals who frequent the gay-friendly spots. There is only one exclusively gay spot (Queen Disco), but most tourist cafs and restaurants will be as tolerant as Amsterdam, Madrid or Berlin in regards to public displays of affection: Holding hands and kissing, but there are still part of town where it is advised to keep it discrete.

The official flag of the city of Cusco is almost identical to the Rainbow Flag, so please dont be confused.
Caution is advised, especially when walking the back streets at night. Always take an official taxi between your hotel and your destination. (Call these taxi, numbers: 247080, 222222 and 222000). Then there is the physical acclimation: Cusco is one of the highest cities in the world, so avoid hard activity until you've acclimatized.
The visit to Cusco is not complete if you dont travel to Machu-Pichu and the Sacred Valley to see the breathtaking landscapes.

Restaurants to check out